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Helmet Cam advice for Motorcycle/ Moto action camera use?


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I am currently testing out a couple helmet camera units for use on my motorcycle. One of the units is an Adrenaline Systems Super Bike Cam which comes with suction mounts for mounting on any surface of the bike as well as the helmet. It comes with some very cool mounts and microphone which produces great sound as I connected it to my home system. The camera is a 580 sony tvl which is weatherproof and looks very nice and sturdy.

Also, I got a Oregon Scientific cam which uses an SD card set up. It seems to be user friendly but judging from the brief footage I took on my bike , did not look too hot. It handles ok and is compact and easy to carry around.

I would like to get some feedback on these choices. Anyone have any experience with these models or other units? Any tips on things to look out for?
Any help will be appreciated. I will post my conclusions when I've had an opportunity to test them both out. Thanks!
lookin forward to your research, thinkin I would Like to try some filming, Tried the Little digital cam on a Ram mount, was okay till you started movin.
If you are looking for good video and don't necessarily need to use a helmet camera :

I have a Sony DRC-HC62 miniDV camcorder that I mounted to the handlebar of my 08 Ultra using a ram mount system and the quality of the video on the move at all speeds is awesome. This camcorder has super steady shot picture stabilization system that uses motion sensors to detect and compensate for camera shake making for awesome video quality. (sound quality ok at low speed)

Total investment was around $400.