hells angels built bike? true or not

I just bought this 1973 harley custom rigid chopper in rochester,new york,I was told it was built for a guy in the hells angels,I was just wondering if anyone from the area recognizes this bike and can give me some history,thanks
please go to the following link for my website to see pics of the bike,I have not figured out how to resize my pics to fit this forum,thanks

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Take the title down to your local DMV and pay the "nice person" behind the counter $25 for a title history.

After that it's up to you if you want to track down any previous owners.

Other than that there's really no way to tell much, other then it looks like a slick sled regardless of who owned or built it.

Even if it was owned by a member it could have been built by a citizen or owned by a citizen and built by member.

Tracking down any bikes history is tough work and a custom build is triple that.
I seem to remember that they did makes some bikes back years ago. I think that there was an article about them in Easyriders. Been reading Easyriders off and on since about 1980, so I can't really narrow it down for you. You may be able to send them an email or letter and they could tell you more. If I find anything I'll post it.
Another place you can try for info is Bandit's bikernet, do a search for it. Bandit use to work at Easyridees back in the day probably when that article came out. I just checked his site and he has a contact at the bottom of the page.