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Hello - Time To Try Out A New Forum!!

Dr. Dolittle

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Hey everyone. I've been moderately active on another HD forum and decided to branch out and see what else is out there, so here I am!

I live on the north side of Atlanta and ride an 07 XL1200C I bought new last March after not riding for 18 years. Man, it's great to be back!

My present style of riding has me seriously considering a change to a Road King or a Heritage sometime this spring. We'll see.

Looking forward to chatting with y'all!
Yeah, I've rented one for the day in Reno and put about 200 miles on a friends/neighbors a couple of weeks ago - sweet!

I love the way it's almost chameleon-like going from touring bike to local cruiser in minutes.
I think it's about the most versatile bike that Harley makes myself.
You can remove the windshield in the hot weather and install it and the soft lowers in the colder weather for comfort. Try that on an ultra:D
Welcome Doc, The RK Classic did it for me over the Heritage Soft tail, though it was close but the ground clearance was an issue for me just with the way the roads are over here in the UK, as it's better for winding it up in the twisty bits.
My apologies to everyone - I certainly didn't intend to begin a Road King vs. Heritage debate. Just mentioned the two bikes I'm currently considering to replace my Sporty.