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    I found this site searching for information regarding wiring a GPS.
    So here I am, I will check back on that information shortly.
    The family and I live in Cairns Australia, a tropical wonderland and a great place to ride bikes when its not raining or too hot -
    Ok, its good some of the time.
    Cairns is a coastal flat amongst the mountains, so we have great coastal, mountain range and hinterland roads to tour.
    I recently sold my 2009 Softail Deluxe and purchased a 2012 Road King.
    Looking forward to travelling further afar, its over 1100 miles to our States capital.
    I dont know if many Aussies come here yet, but I'll have a look around -
    Hello and best wishes to all.
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    Welcome! You're gonna love this place. Some of the most knowledgable folks I've met when it comes to our precious steeds.
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Welcome from Florida!