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    Hi folks,
    I am a long time motorcycle enthusiast who started riding Harley's back in 2005. My first Hog was a Cobalt Blue and Silver, 2006 Dyna Lowrider 88 Twin Cam with V&H Big Shots Staggered, Stage I air cleaner and tuned with a Power Commander. Really a nice, great riding bike and perfect for short trips or bar-hopping. As I was living in Palm Beach County Florida at the time I joined the PB HOG chapter and met some of nicest, hard riding bikers you ever could meet. We had a planned ride every Sunday and would think nothing of riding 150 miles, one way, for lunch. After my first really long lunch ride with them (335 miles round trip to Ft. Myers for lunch) the first thing I said to my wife when I got home was, "If we're going to hang with these folks I need another bike!" One of the club members found a fully loaded, low mileage '05 Ultra Classic at a REALLY good price, so I added it to the stable. I quickly became a Road Captain and club photographer and in 2007 myself and two other club members did the H.O.G. Posse Ride from Wilmington, DE to Portland, WA. 10,500 miles in 4 1/2 weeks and the ride of a lifetime!

    In 2008 we moved to North Georgia, in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, and for 6 years I have enjoyed some of the best riding this part of the country has to offer. With all the improvements Harley has made since 2009 I had really been thinking hard about getting a newer model. A little over 2 years ago, as my bikes were getting a little long in the tooth (the Dyna had 33,000 miles and the UC 78,000), I traded them both in on a 2011 Vivid Black, Ultra Limited with 7400 miles. Having jumped from 88's directly to a 103, I was immediately impressed with the increase in power, not to mention all the other ammenities like bigger tank, 6-speed tranny, ABS, heated grips, drive by wire, more powerful sound system, etc., but something was still missing as the previous owner had only installed Rush slip-ons. The bike sounded good but I knew there was so much more I could get out of it. We decided to go with the relatively new 103 Stage IV kit and I just loved it. I think it's the single best investment you can make on a 103 Harley, any 103Harley, but especially a 900 lb. Bagger which can really use that extra torque. If you're going to spend $25,000 on a bike doesn't it make sense to spend a few thousand more and double your HP and get about a 45% increase in torque?

    About 6 weeks ago I hit an adult deer doing about 60 MPH, totaled my bike and broke my leg...bad. After a week in the hospital, and two surgeries, I am well on the way to recovery. Oddly enough I started looking for a new bike while I was still in the hospital, as I know one of the local dealers who I had bought the 2011 from periodically offers very low mileage, late model baggers. I called my salesman and told him to start looking for a '13 Limited, with low mileage and give me first dibs on it. A couple of days later he called to tell me one of his clients wanted to trade in his '13 Vivid Black, Ultra Limited, and here's the best part.....it only had 200 miles on it!!! We cut the deal on the phone and I went by on "customer appreciation" day to finalize and pick out accessories. Well the nice thing about customer appreciation day is that you get 15% off on parts, motor clothes and accessories. I bought the SE 103 Stage IV race kit, SE Heavy Breather, V&H Stainless Steel, H.O., 2-into-1 exhaust, cam retention kit, Willie G. floorboards, shiter pegs, Hwy pegs, etc., and at 15% off saved about $600. I can't even walk yet, but that bike and those parts are sitting in my garage right now, and I'm getting ready to build myself a beast! Also, because I bought the same model bike, I can put accessories I took off the other bike and bolt them on to this bike, saving even more money.

    Last, but not least, I am Vice President of a local riding club based out of Jasper, Ga., Heavy Iron Brotherhood, and we like to ride North Georgia, East TN and Western NC, so anybody in the area send me a message and we can connect.

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    Welcome from So. Texas.
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    Thanks tourbox....I lived in Houston in 1975
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    From Central Florida.
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    Glad you are on the mend
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