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    Greetings everyone. I'm not new to the forums just never joined this one though I often read different threads from time to time.
    I was reading today and I relized that everytime I can't find info while I'm working on my bike on my other forums if I did a google search I would always find the answer on this forum. So it only made sence to join and enjoy all the features you get being a forum member.
    I'm a 20 year and still going Active duty Army Infantry man sationed at wonderful FT Polk La as an OC/T with JRTC. Getting ready to retire in the next year or so and doing some two whell traveling for a while after I get out. Getting everything ready so that when I do start my trip my baby will be ready to roll.

    Heres what I have so far.
    2010 Street Glide: SE Heavy breather, Rinehart extreme TD's, stage one download, PCV w/ AT, Klock werks 6.5 wind shield,9" Medium Tint LRS Ultra wind shield, detachable rider backrest, passenger backrest, king tour pack, Sundowner seat, stock 2011 SG seat, PYO 10" Monkey Bagger Bars, Chrome front end w/ Progressive monotubes, painted inner fairing, lower fairings (with detachable hardware), SE Compensator, SE heavy clutch spring, Barnett extra pad Kevlar clutch pac Waiting to install-Tom Woods TW-555 cams

    I do most of my own installs and find that theres nothing I can't find on the internet that would have me take my bike to the dealer for basic maintenance and installs. Look forward to maybe passing on some useful info and gaining some as well.

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    Welcome to The Forum, Thank you for Your Service
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. Enjoy the forum. :)
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    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET" Be sure to check out the Self Help Section for great tips and advice. Enjoy your stay!!!
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    Welcome to this great site and Thank You for your service!:USA
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    Welcome aboard from Central Florida:ws
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws Thank you for your service!