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Heel toe to toe only.

English Mike

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Hi all

I have removed the heel function off my HD HSC 2005. It is something I have never been used to and my old glory days of Bonneville's and Norton SS's were all toe only anyway.

I asked the local HD dealership for the chromed cover that slides over the exposed shaft (after heel lever comes off) and he supplied me what he perceived was the part, on fitting it last night suitably allen keyed in with thread lock I note there is a gap between the lever arm and the back of the small cover they supplied; apparently HD (and I have to take their word for it) only do this to fit a Dyna and not the heritage Classic, I know I can probably get a chrome shim made up but would much rather of had the one piece fit.

Any thoughts on part numbers or is the dealer right?

Thanks in advance for your time.

English Mike
I purchased this item for my Road King and fits better than your explanation.
Part # is 35471-05.
Kuryakyn also makes one that works also.

My feet are too big to have the heel and toe shifter both on.
I just removed my heel shifter and just shimmed the shaft behind the shifter and painted the shim black.
I had a good afternoon in the garage changing harley fixings for polished SS ones and thought well, a shim:18: Indeed, I cheated at used a hard black fibre washer which is the same profile as the chrome cover. Job done, happy lad now:)

Thanks all

I figured eventually I would just cut a piece of chrome tube the exact size of the shim and replace it with chrome, I got a set of old handlebars around here that would work just fine for a chrome shim.