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  1. Hi to every body, I am new to this forum, and tried to find an answer in the self help tips but it was not there.
    1) when you install a heavy breather with the screaming eagle slip ons, is it enough to recalibrate the EFI with the dealer? Do I need to get a fuel manager?
    2) In the manteinance for the filter it says to wash it with water let it dry, then oil it, they mean to soak it with some kind of oil?
    3) how many KM or time will run the filter before to was it?
    4) If you get caught on hevy rain, will the cap hold on for a while lets say one hour riding?

    Many thanks to all
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    Hope that answers the questions.
  3. Hobbit which one would you recomend ( fuel pak) I am in Chile so its no easy to get one of this. What do you think about the super tuner from HD, and its software I could not find in the catalog
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    Did you look in the SE catalogue?

    SE Pro Catalogue - Harley Davidson Community
  5. I will do that, are the oem better?
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    1. according to accessories catalog, efi hd's should be re-calibrated after hvy b/kit intallation. *cmiiw*
    2. if u have the k&n box, simply follow the instruction. how i wash it is spray the filter w/ k&n soap liquid then leave it for a 10mins or so then rinse it w/ water from inside out, old dusty oil will come off. let it dry naturally for a night or you can air it w/ fan. best to keep it out of sun directly. After all dried out, spray the k&N oil bottle evenly. w/ regular bottle w/ hole on top, smear 1 drop of oil on each filter leaf. i usually go 2 rounds. do that until the leaf turns red. but dont oil it too thick, dont want the oil get sucked in. then i put the filter either facing up/down on a flat surface just to get the oil excess out.
    3. like glider said.
    4. i think hvy b/kit comes with rain sock rite?

    i have a stage 1 cleaner kit. when i opened the cover, found rust all over the outer side of the cleaner, the side with HD logo that used to be silver color. I didnt expect this, coz i thought water easily wouldve flowed rite out easily since the inner side of cover is open, not like oem std filter cover.

    i just think may be it's necessary to check the air cleaner often in rain season, or wipe it dry after wash.