Heated pants/jacket/gloves help please!

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by huaust3, Dec 19, 2007.

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    As it is getting colder, I am considering my options when riding in the low 30's-40's. Last couple weekends were not too bad using thermal top/bottom, jeans, shirt, leather jacket, chaps. Fingers got pretty cold, even in insulated HD gloves.

    How does the heated HD clothing items work? I see you hook up to the battery, but how does having all those wires running around affect your riding, getting on/off, etc? How easy is it to install wire harness to battery? Can an intelligent, but not very mechanical person do it?

    Sounds like a great way to stay warm, especially fingers! I am riding to Tunica on Saturday and back to Oxford on Sunday-may get my rain suit broken-in-so I'll try some different things for my fingers.

    Other suggestions for finger warmth?

    thanks for the help and info!
  2. glider

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    It's as easy as hooking up a battery tender. You run the two leads to the battery and I mounted the female plug behind the motor under the seat area to the frame so when I get on the bike, I just plug it in. It's directly under the rear of the tank.

    You run the wires down the sleeves of your jacket and plug in the gloves. I'm sorry I didn't get them long ago, they are a great addition for comfort.
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    I have tried the silk liners....they did not work for me.
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    There are alot of options out there. After year's of putting off getting heated gear, finally got the Heated Jacket Liner and Gloves from "Warm and Safe." From reading reviews and such they seemed to be one of the best values going. Widely available too as now distributed by First Gear and Tucker Rocky.

    Gerbing seems to be the cadillac brand, but found to be really expensive compared to WnS and others. Harley's offerings compare price-wise to Gerbing too.

    Definitely one of the best investments I have made for riding. If you rack some miles in the cold, spend the dough, its worth it!
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    I believe the HD heated gear is made under contract by Gerbing, at least according to the dealer down the street, although cost a few bucks more of course with the HD logo. The pants/jacket liner, and the gloves are all interconnected, or can be run independently. I first bought the pants liner, then the other day the jacket liner and gloves. Makes a big difference. Went out this morning 41 degrees in VA, no long underwear, just pants liner and jeans, jacket liner, long sleeve t-shirt, and leather jacket, and gloves. Was not sweating, but was not cold either. Feet were cold after couple hours, with no heated gear in the boots. I don't run a thermostat on them right now, just leave them to their own devices, and haven't had a problem. Highly recommend them. Hope this info helps. I'll send some pics today if get back from shopping in time to show how all works together. My pigtail for the gear I have routed in front of the battery on my Fat Bob, around to the left and tuck in the pigtail when not in use under the seat above the fuse box. When in use I just lay the wires on seat in front of me and haven't had a problem with that set up yet.

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    My vote is for Gerbing as well. Some few wires to hook up, a harness running to your pants, jacket, gloves etc. It's a bit bothersome when you really want to ride but it pays off when you get into the wind. I'm not running a thermostat yet, just an on/off switch. I used to suffer from cold hands on a Goldwing and had that battery harness moved from the Honda right on the new Road King when I traded. The rest of my gear just involves dressing heavy and in layers with a full face helmet and neck warmer, with leathers on top of all that of course. If I were to purchase it again I would definetly get the thermostat. Searching for that on/off switch in the dark at 60mph can get interesting in heavy gloves.
    Safe riding
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    I've got the Gerbing jacket, gloves, and socks. I love the jacket and gloves and never get cold. I'm still fooling around with the socks...they can be a bit uncomfortable with the wires.

    And yes, I'm sure Gerbing makes the H-D gear. The controls even look the same.