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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by unwwwired, Mar 29, 2010.

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    2009 Road King

    My wife and I are thinking about purchasing heated jacket liners but are worried that the additional draw on the alternator could actually put the bike into a negative watt situation. Could this be the case - or at least not be too good for the electrical system?
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    I have Gerbing liner, gloves and socks. My passenger uses the same. We also have pants now, but we have not used them. I have not noticed any issues, but I do monitor battery charge. When it's really cold, we turn of all heat when getting gas beacuse it makes us feel better :)

    (I use the Kuryakyn LED Battery Gauge as a quick visual indicator, and the LCD display for my PC-V for a more accurate reading.)

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    Add up the amount of current of the Gerbing apparel you are going to power, and see if it falls within 1/2 of the max amp rating of accessory fuse in series with the accessory plug you are going to use. For example if your ACC fuse is 20A, add up all the accessories being powered by it, sum should not be much more that 10A. Otherwise, you may want to wire direct to battery with a fused harness again, exactly double the total current of all the running accessories.
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    Having the same concerns as you, I did some research before purchasing a complete set of Gerbing heated gear. The total amp draw direct from the battery via the fused wire connection that comes with the gear is well below the fused allowance. I also checked with the parts guru at the HD dealer, and learned the charging system on the '09 touring bikes is a 60 amp three phase alternator.
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    I have the pant liners, vest and Gerbing gloves and never had a problem. I don't usually plug in till the bike is running.