Heated hand grips

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by vtbikers, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I live in the Northeast and the riding season is not very long unless you start in early spring and ride till snow flys. Being from down south originally I really don't like the cold. I have gotten use to it after 18 years, but my hands were always cold even with good gloves. Last year I bought a set of heated grips from HD. What a difference they made. It extended my riding season by a couple of months. We have made it out in early March and rode till late December. Really worth the money.
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    I went the Gerbing heated glove route instead of the grips because when you think about it the grips are inside your hand and the oncoming air is hitting the back of your hand. The gloves keep the entire hand warm, not just the palm area. Worked well for me even below 30*
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    Plus 1 there, my wife and I have the heated jacket liner with long sleeves and the gloves. Its the only way to go
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    For the same money I bought heated gloves. They put heat on the side of my hands that are exposed to the wind and are heated up the full lenght of the gloves so everything stays warm. Yes they have an on/off switch or you can get a thermostat and still come out even compaired to the HD heated grips.

    For me I just couldn't get past the dial on the left grip. I plan to add a heated jacket liner this winter. Both will plug into the same harnes on the bike. I live in VA and work in D.C. so I don't have snow very often and can ride through the winter. I'm getting too old to make that 50 mile ride at 5 a.m. when the temp is in the teens. The heated gear helps keep it from hurting so much.

    Glad you like your grips.