Heated grip installation

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by denblaq, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. denblaq

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    My loving wife took pity on me and bought me a set of heated grips for Christmas. I am fairly adept mechanically so I will be
    installing them myself. Does anyone have any hard earned tips to offer? Anything that will make the process easier will be appreciated.:33:
  2. glider

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    Make sure to get the wires far enough into the bars before pushing the grip on or you pinch the wire.

    07ROADKING Active Member

    Hello denblaq i installed a pair of these on my 07 RKC i also have them on my sled but on the sled you never maintain speeds over 30 very long (unless your on the lake )and your working the sled to keep it on the trail so you stay warm that way. but i have to tell ya if you are riding for any distance 40 miles or more at highway speeds the backs of your hands- fingers get cold.i ended up buying heated gloves now these are nice i got the whole set up jacket liner pant liner and gloves there not cheep but they keep you warn i have ridden my bike to work (45miles) 90% highway in 27 deg weather and stayed nice and toasty feet got cold but they do have heated socks i don't have them i have since stored the bike for the winter the black ice is a bit much to contend with.as far as wiring the grips as Glider has said be sure not to pinch the wires in the handlebars. also i used a plastic electrical snake to run the wire under the gas tank and keep the wires in the plastic raceway. i also used a vacuum to suck a string through the handlebars