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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Zamadan, Oct 8, 2008.

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    I am looking to get the little woman some heated riding gear. I looked in my service manual for the alternator output and it states it has a 50 amp output. Could not find what the total amp draw is for the whole bike is during running operation with all lights on. It is a 2007 Electra Glide Standard, no electrical accessories added as yet.

    Looked at a company called WarmGear and they had the gloves at 2.3 amps / 15 watts, the jacket at 7.8 amps / 100 watts, the socks at 2.3 watts / 15 watts and the pants at 2.7 amps /35 watts.

    If I’m thinking right this will give me a total of 15.10 amp draw on the alternator. I think the wattage is the output of the gear itself. Did not see a chart that would let me know what the output would be at my normal cruising rpm of 2400 to 2800 rpm.

    Anyone have good ideas or experiences with heated gear. Make or style.
    :pelaoIf she is happy I'm happy and warm makes her very happy.
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    I have a widder electric vest and gloves with the thermostat and have never had an issue running them on my 99 Road king. I haven't hooked them up to the Street Glide yet but I know it won't be an issue. Definitely worth the money:D Especially here in Connecticut
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    WoW..you really looked into it ..lol I never thought of doing all that ...lol Anyway we have ridden ..my wife and I together had on (Gerbling heated gear)( thats who makes the Harley Stuff) I think..anyways...I had a jacket, and gloves...she had jacket,paints and socks...No problems what so ever ..it was 17 degrees F..we both stayed very comfortable. No electrical problems.
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    I have no experience with heated clothing.
    I have done a couple of 50 mile runs at 40* F with no fairing or screen.
    The unheated jacket was great and kept my core comfortable, but fingers toes and knees were popsicles.

    If there is no answere to your question I would give up the heated jacket, too much power.
    If your hands, feet and legs are warm , the upper body will be also be warm.
    Check out vests , they might draw less power.

    Forget my post, power does not appear to be an issue
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    Found the info I needed. My 07 EG puts out 50 amp @3600 rpm. At 1000 rpm I would be putting out approx. 35 amp. A cruising rpm of 2400 to 2800 would give me approx. 47 amp. Since the normal load for the bike is 26 amps (EFI) I would have an excess of 21 amps. With the gloves at 2.3 amps , the jacket at 7.8 amps, the socks at 2.3 amps and the pants at 2.7 amps = 15.10, this will give me a total of approx. 41.10 draw on the alternator. For long idle's or slow rpm's the heated gear would have to be turned down or unplugged.