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    Ok, I have a 2009 ultra, I know they are lean from factory, but I noticed since I took off my Kerker slip ons and put Rinehart slip ons on, the rear cylinder cuts out alot more in stop and go traffic. Question is reckon the Rineharts leaned it out more than the Kerkers? I have ridden 2 up in 90* and never noticed it as bad with the Kerkers, I put Rineharts on and ride 1 up in 80* heat and every stop light it kicks on.

    I am picking up a stage 1 breather today, and goin to install it with my Vance and Hines fuel pak, hopefully that will help.
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    Wow, you can see a difference in heat by changing BRAND of pipes. I always wondered about that.

    I would say the extra heat your seeing has nothing to do with engine A/F ratio. The pipe with the most back-pressure will retain more heat. When the engine is at idle, the A/F ratio is open loop.
    I would bet what your seeing has nothing to do with being "a more rich or less lean" ratio caused from the BRAND of pipe used. The more free exhaust will dump more heat at idle.

    That is my opinion based on experience with my bike and the changes I saw in HEAT when going with slip on's. In both cases my A/F ratio was Fat Rich, but until I opened the exhaust, I did not dump heat. In both cases my A/F was in the mid 12's. I actually was shocked at the results.
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    The stage 1 will lean the mixture out more and will make it run even hotter going in the wrong direction than what you want.

    Add the stage 1 but do it after you add more fuel and you will be very happy with the setup then. You can use a TFI made by Techlusion and they work well, easy installation and will not only cool things down a bit but make it run much better too. There are many here on the site that have used the TFI with nothing but great results.

    Here's a link to the TFI area and a link to the discount link that the on site company Dobeck has offered us. The TFI doesn't get programmed like the fuel pack and is easier to adjust but will give the engine more fuel.

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