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    has anyone out there had thier heat shields rechromed. I checked the price from harley here and was tould the price was arond 1400.00$ and thought it might be cheaper to have the six pieaces rechromed.this suject may be in the forum somewhere but i could not find it.Some input would be helpful as i have the heat shields of the bike at the present time.
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    For $1,400 you can get the best top of the line chromed, high performance exhaust system on the market..... installed. Some chromers don't like doing rechrome jobs, some do. You can google "chrome plating" and find some to talk to. You can also look at places like this. harley touring heat shields | eBay

    The stock exhaust system and shields for your bike is the same from '97 - '07 .
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    Motorcycle Heat Shield | JP Cycles
    Have you looked here ?
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    hi everyone:
    Jackdaniels here thanks for the input.I talked to the dealer and to order new heat shields for my king would be about 1400.00 canadian.Found a place that does rechroming for 200.00 dollers.I cheked them out firt and had good feed back.They are going to show chrme them what ever that means.