Heat shield install gone wrong.

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    Last week I picked up a set of engine heat shields for my streetglide.A rainy day yesterday gave me a chance to install them.Upon opening the box I was amaized at the rather large bag of hardware that came with this product so I figured I better read the instructions.

    Sure enough theres a section for 08 models.They include 4 nutserts with the hardware and a 1/4 20 bolt to collapse them.Now having worked for a Dodge dealership back in the 90's Ive had to install 100's of nutserts over the years for the roof racks on all those Caravans.

    Heres where Im a little confused.You see they make a special tool for installing nutserts which I happen to have at work {course Im not at work}yet HD is giving me this bolt to accomplish this.Looking at the frame plate they did have the forsight to include the 4 octagonal holes these nutserts are suppose to collapse in.And they did include 4 brass nutsets with octagonal wrists to prevent slippage upon install.Looking closer I see that the right upper hole is so close to the head that you couldnt use the nutsert tool without removing the motor, hence the bolt.

    The instructions go on to recomend no more than 60 inch pounds when collapsing the nutsert.Happen to have an inch pound tool {at work} but 60 inch pounds equals 5 foot pounds and that torque wrench I do have at home.

    So I choose the left lower hole with the most access for the first nutsert.Tighten the bolt and as the torque wrench clicks I feel slop in the bolt.The brass collar on the nutsert stripped and now the bolt will not back its way out of the nutsert as its spinning freely inside the frame plate.LOVELY!

    As theres virtualy no access inside the frame theres only 1 option.Wet some towels,cover the bike and grind the bolt and nutsert face off.

    Now looking at the plate you'll see that 3 of the 4 octagonal holes have larger holes adjacent to them.Perfect application for installing j clips and bolts.Why the MOCO didnt go this route is beyond me but thats what Im using.Still stuck with that 1 hole requiring the nutsert but Ill live with that at 45 inch pounds and some butyl tape.Now comes the problem of using the torque wrench to install the bolt in that 1 nutsert.Once the shields are on there isnt access unless your inch lb. wrench is extremely small.Not to mention any fusion taking place between the bolt and nutsert requiring more than 60inch pounds for removal will brake the nutsert free and you just trashed a not so cheep set of heat shields.DO NOT apply locktight to any bolt going into one of these nutserts.

    Hope this saves someone a headache.
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    they are fun to put on aint they
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    The instructions for mine said to torque, or turn x revolutions. Not having a toque wrench that would work in this location, I did the x turns routine. No issues. But they do look formidable when you open the package. :)
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    My issue is a proper nutsert install tool is realy whats required for this job.The bolt issued is a cheap and quik "fix all".We'll see the real issues from those who got lucky and applied locktight in time.As stated Ive installed many nutserts in my day.If you got youres in great however GETTING THEM OUT 5 YEARS FROM NOW WHEN CHANGING EXHAUSTS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS.
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    Could you post some pictures or the HD Instruction sheet?