Headlight/Passing are bright on low-beam, but very dim on high-beam

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by arick, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. arick

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    I have a 2001 FLHTCI where the other day, I noticed that the high-beam indicator is on all of the time, and that the headlight/passing-lights are very bright when they are on low-beam, but they are very dim when I switch to high-beam. When I say dim, I mean as in "(EDIT)
    , where am I" type dim. I was riding to work at O:dark-thirty.

    I tried putting in a new bulb ("HD High-Performance"), but that didn't seem to do anything except make the low beam a bit brighter. However, until I straightened up the bike, the headlamp didn't come on at all, when it was on low beam. Now it is actually very bright.

    Another strange thing is, the passing-lights stay on when the high-beam is "on". They both are very dim, but illuminated.

    I just passed rolled past 70K with this bike. Based on some remarks from Hoople, in the "Ignition is on but no Headlights" thread, since moving the forks seemed to have an effect, I am guessing I've got a broken wire somewhere.
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  2. texas tom

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    The first thing I would do,assuming your wiring is orig and not internal,remove the outer fairing do a good visual check on the wires leading from the handlebar switches they connect to a plug inside the fairing easy to get to inspect the pins make sure they are ok then with the headlamp connected wiggle your wires should be able to find the culprit doing that..good luck..
  3. tourbox

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    I had a problem with my 1996 FLHTCU similar to yours.The high beam indicator would stay on, but dimly.Hard to see it other than at night. Would illuminate normally on high beam, but glow lightly on dim.Turn out to be the socket for the head light bulb was slightly shorted from heat.I picked up a heavy duty replacement socket from NAPA, replaced it and never had the problem again.
  4. arick

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    I pulled the outer front fairing off and inspected the wiring, as Texas Tom suggested. The ground wire socket for headlight connector was thoroughly melted. The HD part number for the plastic housing is 72056-92 and it is $1.95.

    My concern is, what would have melted the connector in the first place?
  5. STEVE07

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    Sometimes the connector will melt due to corrosion in the contacts generating extra heat.Sometimes because too high of an amperage bulb has been put in and the connector cant handle the extra draw.
  6. arick

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    The NAPA part is 787-100, and it runs about 50 cents more.

    While I had everything in pieces, I went ahead and replaced the rubber cowling that sits behind the bulb, as the original was very spongy. That piece ran about $20.

    I hooked her up to the battery and my little lady's lights are back to normal. Actually, since I replaced the bulb with a high-performance bulb, they are better then ever!

    Thanks-much for your help.