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Headlight Modulator #91706-82


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I have a 2003 FXST, I would like to install a HD headlight modulator
(part # 91706-82) on, I have the unit but no wiring diagram, it is new, never installed. The local HD shop doesn't have a diagram, neither does the factory shop manual I have. Anyone have an idea which wire hooks where? It has a black wire, gound?, A red wire , and a white wire.
Who makes the unit (brand)?

Normally the high beam wire gets cut on the wires going to the headlight and the red wire of the modulator gets attached to the bike side of the wire that you just cut. The white wire gets attached to the lead that is going to the light that you just cut. The black is ground. This will pulse the high beam.
Thanks, it is a HD part, don't know who made it for them, but it has a HD logo on it and the box. I will give it a try.