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Headlight Bulb Suggestions


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Another good alternative to the stock bulb is the "Xenon BriteLite" from the NAPA parts store for a headlight that is much brighter than stock. NAPA will probably have to order it for you (part number BP1260/H4BL), but it is a direct replacement for the stock H-4 bulb.

The Sealed Beam Headlight on the '02 Fat Boy is just dim - no other word for it. Replace it with the same set up used in the rest of the Harleys - an H-4 bulb and reflector - cheap! JC Whitney sells item number "13zx9314a, H4 Halogen Headlight, Round MC" for $16.95, this kit includes the H-4 bulb, rubber boot to seal the bulb and the reflector. It is plug and play, remove the sealed beam light and install this kit.

A good upgrade for older touring bikes is to upgrade to the 05 and newer headlight reflector and driving light bulbs. They are much better than the older counterparts from the previous years.

You have the smaller reflector but the 07 uses the replacable bulb in a reflector. Best bet is to take the current bulb with you and match it up for size.
Remember not to touch the glass on the bulb with your fingers, the oils in your skin shorten the bulb life. If you do, you can clean it before use with isopropyl alcohol.