headlight and passing lamps quit working

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by baadog1, Aug 26, 2008.

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    I started my 2003 ultra this morning and I had no headlight or passing lamps. I pulled the lamps and checked for powerflow . There is no power at any of the plugs. I then checked the fuse for the lights and the fuse is good .I checked for power at the hi-low beam switch - no power. I activated the on - off switch for the passing lamps and the switch does not light up ie: no power to the switch. all this and I still have power to and thru the fuse block. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks, baadog
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    Well, if you have power on both sides of the fuse, but none at the switch or light, then your problem is between those points. Broken wire? Bad connection?....Could be anything and unfortunately, there is no "quick fix". You already have it partially isolated, it's just a matter of spending the time to track it down.
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    Check all the fuses with a test light on both sides of the fuse. If you say you have power through the fuse block and it's all the fuses then follow back from the lights through the lighting circuit and check the plugs in the harness and the harness itself by the neck for breaks in the wire.

    Usually if you check the circuit at the mid way point back to the battery/fuses for power, then go either way depending if you have power or not, it goes pretty fast to troubleshoot the problem by isolating the circuit in half.