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Headlamps on in the UK


Being the proud owner of a new FXSTC and living in the UK the bike came with Headlights on, no choice. In the excitement of picking it up never thought to ask the dealer.

I know in the States it may be law and for good safety reasons too but are we in the UK subject to the same laws also, maybe our European Union friends have decided we need to ride with headlights on.

Be nice to be able to turn then off, anyone know the answer just curious to find out. :34:
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The older bikes had a 4 position key switch that allowed you ignition without lights. On the newer bikes it's not an option without replaceing the switch with an older version but you can install a toggle switch in the headlight housing drilling a small hole towards the rear of the housing where it wouldn't be seen and connect it into the black (ground) lead on the headlight plug. Just remember to turn it back on if you shut it off.
This would only turn off the headlight , not the rest of the lights.