headlamp lense is cloudy, can it be cleaned?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by colnajoe, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I'm gonna upgrade to either an hid or led light in the spring, already did the passing lights, but in the meantime, I just want to brighten this one up. Can it be cleaned somehow? I searched this forum and google, didn't find a thing on the topic of cleaning inside the lense, just how to polish up the outside plastic

    Well I tried searching some more and found right here on this great site that water, or a mix of soap and water on the inside of the lense does the trick...It's caused by the over-heating of the connectors, hum............
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    I cleaned my headlight and passing light assemblys with soap and water. Then I poured some rubbing alcohol in and swished it around and dumped it. Finally I stuffed a very clean soft rag (long narrow strips are easier to get out) inside and pushed it around with a loop of fairly stiff insulated wire to polish the lens and reflector. They came out crystal clear.
    3 years later, they are getting a little cloudy again. :(
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    Breeze has it right.
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    Rubbing alcohol is great, cleans and the residue evaporates quickly.
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    Well I pulled it apart today and I used water with a touch of dawn dish washing liquid (that and pledge, what cant they do?) cut off a couple strips of an old cloth and the end of one of my Wife's wooden spoons. Swirled it around and scrubbed the inside real good. After the rinse, I poured in a little distilled water, let it swirl a bit and poured it out....no water spots! I hit it a few minutes with a hair dryer, and wa-la, just like new. I cleaned inside the housing before I put the light back in. Wonderful way to spend a couple of hours, though it was (EDIT)
    cold in the garage. :newsmile078:

    Please read this...
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    75 and sunny in Phoenix!!!!!!
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    Swishing a little white vineagar will clean them right up. Follow with a good rinse and dry with micro fiber. Good as new. The cause is the halagon bulbs burning in. If keeping the old bulbs, it'll last a couple years more than likely.