Heading to Arkansas for 7 days 6 nights....

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lakeforktx, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. lakeforktx

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    From east Texas up to Mena, then to Eurecka Springs to stay at the Biker only motel then up into Mo. to Roaring River Mo. over towards Branson Mo. then end up in Batesville to see the Mark Martin museum,Push mountain,and any other cool mountain roads I have time to ride.. And hopeing I don't have to try out my new H.D. rainsuits!! Oct. is a great time to ride that part of the country.........:D
  2. D.Bradfield

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    Was up that way two weekends ago at the BBB festival and had a great time, lots of good riding with great weather, cool mornings high 30s low 40s. Have fun and be careful!!!
  3. walleye

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    Are the tree's turning colors yet?
  4. jafhdo

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    Was out there the 15th-17th of September. Nice country to ride through, hill country, Ozarks. Watch the traffic in Eureka Springs carefully, they like to left turn in front of you a lot.

    Maybe because it is tourist area or just regional hospitality but everyone seemed really friendly.
  5. lakeforktx

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    Hello walleye, It maybe 2 or 3 weeks early for the real good colors, but this is the week I have off,so we got to make the best of it.. they are calling for great weather.. fixin to go strap on the luggage and hit the road....ride reports comeing later in the week...:D
  6. Iceman24

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    Sounds like a great trip & bet that area's beautiful this time of year too. Be safe & have a wonderful journey.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Have a safe ride, did you remember a camera?:p
  8. sprinklerfitter669

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    Have a safe trip !
  9. cardboard

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    In Mena, Ar, at the bottom of the mountain from Queen Wilimena's lodge there is a bike shop called Big Dog cycles. They are a Harley shop. Think he can mill heads he has the machine. Stop in and visit him.
    Across the street is a nice resturant to eat at too..........

    If you come back down stop threw Jasper, Ar. theres some good riding there
    Stop at Ozark Cafe and eat too.

    This is one of the stops in Jasper, ark up on the side of the mountain.


    When you git to Mena, stop by Big Bear cycles at the base of Queen Wilimena lodge.
    Good place to eat across the street.

    If you git a change ride threw Jasper, Ark. Good riding.
    Eat at Ozark cafe. Good food.
    Try to ride the Pig Trail from Mena to Eureka springs.
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  10. Cyclops

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    Transplanted Arkansan here. If you get the chance, see if your route allows you to take the famous Pig Trail up to Eureka Springs, if not Highway 7 is a nice ride as well.

    Trees are turning colors, but stumped by serious drought, which many times cause the leaves to bypass nice colors, straight to brown, depends on the area. That NW corner of the state should look nice this time of year.

    Here's a link to several rides/routes in Arkansas. Ride Safe!

    Motorcycle road trips - Arkansas motorcycle trips