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    Howdy all. I’m doing a 95” on an 02 RK and would like to share my position and hopefully get some solid feedback. I’m overseas & have no access to a machine shop that does porting. I’d rather not ship them back to the States because of the expense, hassle/expense with customs here upon return & the down time. So I’m considering doing a little tuning myself.

    1: I understand that where the manifold gasket meets the head, any extra pronounced ledge on the head can be filed down to eliminate that resistance. My question is would this sacrifice atomization?

    2: would polishing the rough cast in the ports & manifold increase flow or could that sacrifice atomization?

    3: I have kibblewhite black diamond valves for this project. If my seats & guides are clean could I do a good laping & installation without a valve job (cutting)?

    4: would polishing the combustion chamber (while the old valves are still in of course) be beneficial?

    Appreciate any help & ideas!!!
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    Welcome to The Forum. Porting the intake is a good idea, IMO polishing does not do much good, in fact it can cause the opposite affect for the atomization of the fuel air mixture, Use good quality lapping compound and go slow back and fort checking your marking on the valve and seat, I would advise a quality valve job but if you are on a budget and cannot find a machine shop well you get it, you can cut down the valve guides a bit for better flow but go in small steps and radius the valve pockets
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    I gave you the best advice I could when you posted this question on the HD Forum.

    Find a stateside head porter to work with. Let them pick up a set of '06 or later heads, work them over per your requirements and send them to you. All you have to do is R/R a set of heads. Shipping might cost a bit more but it will be worth it. Leave the head porting to the professionals.
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    Thanks much for the feedback. I will go ahead & pick up some later heads & have them worked there as suggested. They can sit in the States for a while & I will suit-case them back upon my next return to avoid the guys in shiny black shoes here. Not sure when that may be, so in the mean time I may go ahead with the 95” using the stock heads & I can look forward to the back to back flow difference in the future.
    Thanks again for the great info!!!