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Head Temp....


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What should it be at Spark Plugs or close to them? I got a stage one. Scremin eagle A/C, V&H slip-on,and Race Fueler.

I have an '07 SuperGlide and at the 1,000 mile service the dealer's Digital Technician II analysis showed the temperature to be 282 degrees F. Normal range shown as 230 to 300.

The temp concerned me and at the time I questioned it, and was assured it was fine. Not sure, but think that 282 is above the breakdown temp of the initial dino oil fill. I had them go with HD synthetic oil then but haven't quite reached the next change mileage. The running gear is stock.

Would be interested in knowing other responses. The bike runs great, with 49 mpg on my last solo run and 43 mpg today, in mixed traffic/freeway and with a passenger.