head gasket leak on 06 tc88

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by amalloy, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. amalloy

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    well I have a 2006 heritage classic with a big sucker intake Sampson daytona long pips, vance and hines fuel pack its been stumbling and surging at low rpms so I went to the dealer thinking I needed the injector upgrade but it ends up the rear cylinder has a blown head gasket. I was wanting to know how common this is and if I need to worry about the head or jug being warped. bike only has 4,000 miles on it.

    im not sure if im going to just replace head gaskets or do a big bore.
  2. The4opps1

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    I think you have the right idea. It's important to find out why the gasket blew? Is the head warped? Improperly torqued? As for upgrading vs repair, I'd just get out pen and paper and do the math.....
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    Welcome to the forum amalloy, With only 4,000 miles on it, posabley it was never torque properly from the factory and loosen up with time, it is unusual, I would have them replace both front & rear head gaskets & check the heads just to be safe,
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    ok. thanks for the advice. dealer quoted $500 to replace both head gaskets and oil change. I bought both head gaskets for $11.00. im going to pull it apart and check the heads with straight edge and feeler gauges and if heads or jugs are warped ill go the oversized route. $11.00 is definitely cheaper than $900 for 95 inch pistons, jugs and gaskets plus another $1000. for heads. Thanks again.