Head bolt covers?

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    I dont like the look of my rusty head bolts. (02 road king) I was gunna paint them with a little model paint, but figured that might burn off.... Went to the dealership today for some new plugs and wires and I saw the MOCO's bolt covers...for 35+ bucks! Anyone have cheaper alternatives out there?
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    I put a set of these finned covers on my 07 Ultra. Pretty pricey though at $60 a set. They have some coned adapter covers that go on the headbolts which are held on by some allen headed set screws that are screwed in to hit the flat on the head bolt, then two allen headed bolts go down through two holes in the finned inserts and screw into these adapter covers. The problem is, although they look GREAT once you get them installed, when you need to take them off for some reason. I had just put them on my 07 a month before I decided to trade for my 2012 and figured I would keep the insets and put them on the new Ultra. The bolts that hold the covers in place were almost impossible to remove as they had loctite from the factory, and the set screws on the head bolt heads rounded out as soon as I tried to loosen them up. So...the next guy got a set of $60 finned cylinder inserts. I sure pity him if he ever has to remove the head for anything.

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    high heat paint like BBQ paint. here we have VHT pretty good stuff . come's in different colors as well. i use black cause my scoot is all blacked out (well mostly)
    ebay sometime's has great deals . take's a while sometime's to find them ,but they do have them
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