Head and tail lights but no dash indicator or starter function.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by thebear, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. thebear

    thebear New Member

    All great with 18 Road King until this morning.
    With switch on I get only head and tail lights, but no dash indicator or starter, and nothing else works, not even the flashers.
  2. joel

    joel Senior Member

    Start with a test light at the fuses and if you have a volt meter see what the reading is at both sides.
    My thought is a loss of voltage do to battery connections loose, also check the battery ground cable to frame, main power switch or fuse.
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  3. liquid_wrench

    liquid_wrench Senior Member Contributor

    Check ignition switch (wiggle it a little) and Key FOB battery (2032 3 volt coin battery)
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  4. biscuit

    biscuit Junior Member

    What liquid_wrench said.
    Does your fob or alarm have any effect on the bike? No chirps? No flashers going off?

    If not, go even further and take the ignition switch off the bike and check all the contacts of the wires terminating into it. Maybe 3 of them- I don’t know about your bike.
    Pull them apart and clean them. Ensure the male terminals are tightly fitted into the female spade terminals, and put some dielectric grease on them for corrosion protection.
    Beware- you’ll probably set the alarm off if you disconnect the battery, as you have no way to disarm it.
    The Fob won’t work, there’s no speedometer display so you can’t manually input your code to disarm it.
    So don’t do that. Ask me how I know- - -.
    Anyway, with lights working you know you have enough power to at least show a display.
    Is the bike under warranty? It’s pretty young.
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  5. thebear

    thebear New Member

    I am also advised by others about the ignition fuse or other that may could be the culprit.
    I will check it out!