HD's Torque Ratings

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    Looking at HD's ratings on Torque between a Dyna Street Bob and a Softtail Deluxe.:

    The Dyna is 92.00 ft lbs @ 3000 rpm
    The Softail is 89.70 ft lbs @ 2750 rpm

    Why do they rate at different rpm's? Does it work out the same thing as if they were quoted at identical rpm's?

    Does Harley-Davidson use different engine series with different bikes, even though they are 96 cu. in.?
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    The difference in rpm's is probably where each one bike peaks at and the difference between the engines is the softail is a balanced motor and the dyna has no balancers to drive.
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    No. Those numbers are the Peak values (or absolute maximum) for each engine. A peak and a curve are very different. Peaks can happen at different RPM's for lots of different reasons. Just because a peak number is higher does not mean it is the stronger motor. It's also important to know what is happening leading up to the peak and what follows after the peak.