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    I have a 2011 Heritage and I want to put an HD tuner on it. Should I go with the Street or Pro? I have Vance and Hines Straight Shots on the bike now and I will need to upgrade the air filter assembly also to get away from the occasional back fire and better performance. I am sure this question has been asked before but any suggestions on which HD tuner and HD air filter assembly for this bike would be appreciated. Safe Travels!
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    Buy the screaming eagle pro super tuner.It voids Your warranty,but it is more adjustable.
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    I am going to be going with a power vision unit, it saves your stock setting just incase you have warranty issues. As far as screaming eagle air filters,it depends on the look you want , either the stage one air filter which looks like your stock filter or the heavy breather that's kinda cone shaped and cost a few hundred more, they come black or chrome.
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    I am getting mixed messages regarding the Pro Tuner voiding the manufacturers warranty. After reading many of the posts on HDTimeline and researching the internet I went with the SERT and purchased a new one on eBay for a little over $200. If you go this route besure to know what part number is applicable for your model and year. There are pro tuners out there for EFI and carberated models. Also verify the tuner is new in an unopened box and you should be set to save big. For example, for a 2011Heritage Classic the appropriate pro tuner is part number 32109-08C. Before I bid, I carefully read the description and examined the pictures of the boxes to make sure it looked new and unused and had the appropriate part number. I have had great success on eBay and am looking forward to installing my new SERT soon. Hope this helps.

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    You REALLY have to be careful... IF used on another bike, It is NO good to try installing on your bike. Once assigned to a bike (married) it is Done.

    Buyers have bought used HD Tuners CHEAP then found out Too Late they can't be assigned to their bike.

    Buyer Beware... GOOD advice above on what to ask and do BEFORE...:s

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    I am running the pro super tuners on my wifes Lo and my Sg. I am very pleased.
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    Tuners are not all the same but they all have to get treated the same by Federal law. With that said the SERT has been gone now for several years. It was made by TTS and sold through HD dealers worldwide. In 2008 TTS went direct and HD came out with the SESPT or Scremin Eagle Super Pro Tuner. Then in about 2010 HD brought out the SEPST or Scremin Eagle Pro Street Tuners. So lots of names floating around and getting the wrong one can and will byte people in the ass.

    SEPST only works on 2007 and newer and have very, very little capability for adjustment.

    SESPT works on 2001 - 2014 with more adjustability but is a race product

    TTS has the most adjust ability of any tuner on the market today.