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Question, are the Screamin' Eagle Triple Platinum Performance Spark Plug (HD P/N 32996-01) any better than what came stock on my Nightster? :hii
Nope, they just last longer. Once the mixture is ignited it's all over and one plug doesn't ignite it any better than another. As long as there is a spark, it's all history then.
now i have got a question on spark plugs for you glider or hobbit
inthe past when i had my shovel heads i ran bosch platiums in them cause like hobbit said thay lasted much longer .now i wanted to run them in my evo and ever one tells me you cant run them in a evo cause thay get to hot in the evo and the platium tips will shatter and break is this for real?
so a aluminum evo runs hotter then a iron shovel head that just dont seem right to me if you could clear this up for me it would be great
Plugs have a heat range as you probably know and if you stay in the correct heat range for the motor, there shouldn't be any problems that I am aware of here.