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  1. daled

    daled New Member

    hello, newbe here with a left field question(s)

    i have a project car (58 Fiat 600) that i would like to use a HD engine in.
    I would need to couple an engine to a transaxle and mount in the rear of the car. (not planning on using the HD trans.)

    I know that a typical dry plate clutch will put a side thrust on the crank but i don't know if any HD engine will tolerate this. I can design and fabricate an externial thrust bearing and tranny adaptor, but I can find precious little detail at this level.

    I would like to purchase a "dead" engine for my mock-up efforts, But im not sure witch one. I expect to fan cool in the engine bay. and would like 1200cc or larger.

    Q1. ever seen somthing similar done ?
    Q2. What engine would be best suited for mods / enviroment ?
    Q3. Can the engines be used "stand alone" or are they dependant on the tranny ot be functional ?
  2. Breeze3at

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    Q1: Yes, I have seen tractor pull type lawn mowers with HD engines and I think there's a stock car class that uses HD engines (legends?).
    Q2: Shovelhead would be cheapest engine, Evolution probably easiest to get a bazillion parts for and very reliable.
    Q3:"Big Twin" engines operate independantly from a trans. Sportster engines have integral trans.

    Opinion 1: That would be a SWEET sounding Fiat!!
  3. Crocker

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    Many years ago I remember reading a article, in I think it was popular Mechanics , this was done with a 1/4 midget racer ,if I remember it was done with a Indian 80'' engine or 74'' panhead long time ago but they did race it , Sounds like one of those Jesse James projects ,good luck
  4. daled

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    ok, a little more focus.
    Breeze3at-ill check into the legends - but ill bet they use the HD tranny.
    Cost is always an issue - but wont be the driver here.

    Q1 what engine family is the most tolerant to heat ( motor will be in an engine bay in the back end of the car ) PRIMARY WORRY !!!

    Q2. what kind of cost am i looking at to purchase a "dead shell of a motor" to mochup with (if even possiable)

    Thanks all so far..
  5. daled

    daled New Member


    looks like a B twin-cam $? and a $2,200 adaptor, means i wont have to create one myself...

    super excited-just thinking about the HD cadance pounding out of the little 600.

    so what can i expect to pay for a "B" twin-cam,
  6. daled

    daled New Member

    ok, ive been looking around, and man its hard to find a dead motor core.
    used motors on ebay are out there, but i don't want to invest that amout of cash until i have mocked up the drive line to confirm that i will like the results.

    oh well, its just hurdle one of many im sure.