HD Mini Apes.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Sancho0743, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Hello, Looking to swap out my stock bars & Ugly Riser on mu 1200C sporty. Want to add HD 12in Mini Apes using a nightster bar clamp & Speedometer & 1" risers. Harley says I need to get all new cables. brake,clutch, electrical extenders, ETC. they want $750 for parts alone. My question is do i really need all the new cables or can i just re-route? Has anyone done this on a 2006/2007 Sportster 1200C? Any advise would be amazing! Thanks.

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    Welcome Sancho0743 to the HDTimeline forum, and your first post. While others will be here to help with their thoughts and ideas, I do have a few comments.

    Going to 12" Mini Apes is quite a bit taller than stock...so you might want to look at J&P Cycles for aftermarket wiring extension kits & longer cables. If you decide feed the wiring inside the bars, you will gain a little bit of available wiring/cable lenght but likely not enough. Just make sure you angle the holes and relieve the edges so there are no sharp bends. Now if you want the HD hardware only, try a good discounter like Zanotti's HD if you have the HD part numbers and are looking for discounted pricing.
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    HD do wiring extensions now too. some aftermarket clutch cables leak and HD dont, i like the HD cables better than most aftermarket, but others will choose different. the parts bill sounds reasonable. the HD bars are great quality come with grommits for internal so the dont chafe the wiring. i do prefer the HD parts to work with, and the P+A book will have the cable lengths required for their bars so no labour time on measuring lengths.
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    Well, I got the Mini Apes all mocked up. seems I was able to Re-route some of the wireing & was able get some cofortable slack in the electrical lines & throttle. I will need to replace the front brake line & Possibley the clutch cable, still tinckering with that...

    Thanks for the discounter shop lead. I m sure I will be giving them a shout.
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    I have a 2007 883. I'm not sure if the bars I put on are (mini ape's) It may just be called a pull back. It's a buck horn type. The only thing I had to do was to straiten out the front brake hard line to get it to reach. Then, I just rerouted all my cables. Hope this helps, HOLLYWOOD................