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  1. GimmeFuel

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    I've got an '04 Fatboy with an 88 cubic inch engine, stage I kit with re-jetted carbs, and removed baffles. Any guesses on what kind of horsepower is my bike producing?

    Also, what is the horsepower of one of HDs 120 cubic inch engines?
  2. karlsbike

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    I'd guess the stock TC88 is about 60 horses, yours probably 65-70.

    The SE 120R is doubling yours...
    I wonder if I could fit it in my old Evo FLT, heh, heh
  3. murf

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    What's this about a "120R" Last I knew the largest stock engine was the SE110 ?
  4. HDDon

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    Harley has a 120R crate motor.
  5. Crocker

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    SE PRO 120R crate motor $5,495 06 and later dyna and 07 and later touring 5,795 for 07 and later ST 143 HP 128TQ
  6. R.Bingham

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    It's not a "stock" motor but rather a "crate" motor.
    From the 2011 SE Catalog:

    A. Screamin’ Eagle® pro SE 120R High-
    Performance Crate Motor

    This track-ready 120 cubic inch Screamin’ Eagle® Crate Motor
    is waiting to provide a racing enthusiast the opportunity to
    go racing at an affordable price. This engine is designed for
    bolt-in installation in the Original Equipment-style chassis
    of your track bike. No special fabrication or engine-mount
    relocation is required. The crankcase, cylinders and heads
    are painted black, and feature machined aluminum highlights
    and chrome covers for a stunning “show-and-go” look.
    When equipped with appropriate high-flow throttle body
    and injectors, an open air induction, and tuned exhaust, this
    engine is capable of producing a reliable 135+ horsepower
    at the rear wheel.
    Hand assembled alongside Harley-Davidson’s production
    Twin Cam engines at the Pilgrim Road Engine Plant in
    Milwaukee, these race-use engines feature only the finest
    Screamin’ Eagle components:
    • 4.060" big-bore cylinders.
    • 4-5/8" stroke premium forged flywheels.
    • 10.5:1 high-compression nickel-plated forged pistons with
    Teflon coated skirts.
    • Titanium SST piston rings.
    • SE-266E high-lift cams.
    • Perfect Fit push rods +.030.
    • SE high-performance lifters.
    • CNC-ported MVA heads with automatic
    compression release.
    • Machined lower rocker boxes for valve
    spring collar clearance.
    • Factory-machined engine cases.
    • Unique piston oilers for stroker clearances.
    • Screamin’ Eagle inner crankcase cam needle bearings.
    • Lefty high-performance crankcase output bearing.
    • High-performance torque response engine compensator.
    • SE Performance Spark Plugs.
    Requires separate purchase of appropriate Screamin’ Eagle
    throttle body, high-flow injectors and a high-performance
    clutch upgrade. Just add your choice of race exhaust, highflow
    air cleaner, and tuning. For race application only.
    19220-11 Black & Chrome. $5,495.95
    Fits ’06-later Dyna® and ’07-later Touring models.
    19206-11 Black & Chrome. $5,795.95
    Fits ’07-later Softail® models.
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    The 88's run stock at around 55 horse. With the stage 1 breather and jetting, you are sitting around 58-60hp. You are probably sitting around 72-75 torque. Actually, removing the baffles lowers your HP and TQ, but not by much.
  9. GimmeFuel

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    What are some minor things I could do to increase the horse power output of my bike?
  10. dbmg

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    The simplest way would be to downshift and wind rpm's up some more. Upgrade cams is usually the next plan of attack.