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HD cut three softail models


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Checked on the HD web site yesterday and saw the intros for the 2008 line. They've killed off the Deuce, Standard and some others and introduced the Rocker and Rocker C. HMMM. No springers eithers. Looks like the Rockers use the Deuce tanks though. I don't like the seating arrangements for the passengers on the rocker either.
they also cut the street rod. I like the rocker. Not sure if hte rocker c is the only way to have a passenger seat or not. but the rocker would look good with a passenger seat that hugs the fender like all the other bikes. I'm bummed about the standard being cut, my dad has one and I really like them. the custom isn't much diff. but I don't like the king/queen seat that comes standard on it.
that's the only seat configuration shown in upgrades. a seat on the rear fender would be like riding a washboard. the rear fender goes up and down with the swingarm. i think the rear passenger seat sits way to high.
I guess HD will get the hint when it comes to sales, but I can't imagine why they cut the ST custom, that was a good seller.
My mistake there, thanks for the correction, mind thinking one thing and fingers typing something else.:s
I think it is to stir up the customers and make them want a newer model myself. Wouldn't you think about a new bike if you saw something that caught your eye and you had the means to do something about it when you saw it?
I think they are going for the younger riders, a different style of rider. Also going after custom bike look too. It's made primarily for a solo rider configeration. The frame's the same, I do like the fender on the swing arm, but again the passenger is perched up high; ie like the rice burners. I ride two up a bit and like the lower center of gravity. Also, looks like a limit on bags or luggage, so used mostly for day trips. I have some bags for mine, but use them seldom. right now I'm on a road trip and have made it to Charlotte, NC. Brought the Deuce and trailored it for just eight hours of the trip from Southsest Texas, no bags but had travel companions and trailer. No bags on this trip.