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  1. dogdad

    dogdad Active Member

    Where should one look to see what their HD is worth for trade in or out right selling?
  2. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Here's a few suggestions:

    - Kelley Blue Book: New Cars, Used Cars, Blue Book Values & Car Prices - Kelley Blue Book

    - NADA: New Car Prices, Used Car Values, New Car Reviews & Car Buying Guides - NADAguides.com Official Site

    - Classifieds (see how much similar bike's are selling for)

    - Self (you know what the bike's worth - set the price & negotiate)

    If you're selling then allow some for accessories, care, etc., but prepare to get suprised w/trade-in price (faint) b/c dealerships are not going to allow what you think. Good Luck!
  3. Blue Wide Glide

    Blue Wide Glide Junior Member

    No matter where you look, you are not going to be happy with what you get for it. HD's resale value has taken a nose-dive, thanks to over production by the factory. I sold one in 2005, and was very disappointed. If you trade it in, at least you get a break on the sales tax.
  4. kcharley13

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    eBay & Craigslist comparison I find is the most accurate. More so than printed material from NADA & Bluebook.
  5. B-1B_Guy

    B-1B_Guy Junior Member

    Banks & dealers use NADA, not KBB. It's a good starting point but that's about it.
  6. Davidw2415

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    I don't know about where you live , but in Mo. if you sell the yourself you only pay taxes on the differance between what you sell for and the price of what you purchace. If you sell for 10,000 and by for 20,000 you pay taxes on 10,000
  7. maine-e-axe

    maine-e-axe Junior Member

    The price makes a differance on how fast you want to sell it, if you want all the money you might be sittin on it a while, if you want a fast sale bring the price down some.:s
  8. SkootchNC

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    You can check the guides to get an idea..... Craigslist, and Ebay are good.... but what someone is ASKING, may not be what they get.
    Some folks post a high price, because they don't want to sell... or they know someone will try to haggle down the price.

    Long story short.... no matter how much YOU love your bike, and how valuable you believe it is...... it's only worth what some one else will pay for it....
  9. TQuentin1

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    If you do not NEED to sell it now, hang on to it. The used HD bike market is VERY soft right now. The bike I listed here, on Craigslist, and eBay motors, sold for about $5K under the book value. This was an absolutely cherry 2007 CVO UC with only about 5140 miles on it and about $2.5K in up-grades included. Very depressing, but it was an emergency sale. The widow cleared $5 on the bank note!!

  10. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    when i was searching, i checked craiglist, and ebay. i found that the bikes were going for less on Ebay, and i got a great deal on a fatboy. before i bought i checked to see what extras were on it, figured out the value of the extras, and then compared it to kelly blue book. i was amazed at how much i saved doing my research. the sad thing for the original owner was how much he had in it, and could not recoup the extras, and the loss he took on the value. my benefit though.
    my advice, is check ebay, check the value of extras, and compare.
    the dealers are not going to give the value of the extras you add to the bike to customize it the way you want it