HD and Paint and their couldn't care less attitude

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    Recently took ownership of my 2104 FLHX in stunning Daytona Blue Pearl. UK cost about £20K (US $33K).

    My old tourpak in black needed to be painted to match the rest of the bike.

    Now the "fun" starts. None of the UK dealers could provide me with the paint and one even suggested I bought a touch up kit the size of a nail polish for £44 and take it to a painter who "may" be able to match the paint. Hardly impressive.

    So I contacted Harley Davidson UK whose representative, Michelle Walker, responded as follows:-

    "Thank you for your email.

    We do not supply paint in the quantity you are looking for. All we have available are touch up pots suitable for very small areas.

    We do not supply any paint codes outside of our dealer network as we wish to retain the exclusivity of our colours.

    My best suggestion would be to take your bike to a local paint spray shop and ask that they colour match this for you.

    I am sorry we cannot assist further.

    Best regards


    Now 8 dealers in their network cannot supply the paint for a colour in their mainstream range, available since September 2013 and Harley Davidson's own country Head Office could not care less.

    If you need Daytona Blue Pearl paint for your bike if you have an accident or if you want to do what I want to do, do not expect any help from Harley - they could not care less.

    Customer Service two words that cannot be used in conjunction with Harley Davidson.

    As a rider in the UK I thought I would also email HD's worldwide Head Office in the US. Guess what - they do not accept emails. Unbelievable.
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    With the scanners today , paint matching is pretty precise. No matter what you do, whether a color match or repaint with factory paint, you risk not getting a perfect match. I would order a new tour pack to match and sell your old one.
  3. glazier

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    so do like they suggested and take it to a painter who can match the paint. what's the big deal??? I can understand Harleys efforts to retain their exclusive rights to their paint colors. if this was an issue, maybe you should have brought this up to the dealer BEFORE you bought your new bike, not after.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Daytona Blue 930016 Here is the paint number from PPG
  5. Vin190

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    Try colorrite.com they have Harley colors. I have used them for my Candy Rootbeer bike to paint the Hog Pod I put on the bike. Matched perfectly. They list a color of Big Blue Pearl. Hope it helps.
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    Ima Peggy back off this post and say think you,I picked up the rear fender guard that go between the rear bags and fender. Wanted to have painted the same color of bike(Root Beer) this helps me out alot,,