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HD Accessory Plug

How about softails? I have an 07' Deluxe and want to wire up my new Kuryakyn Grip Heat Demons.

Supposedly, theres a 4 pin accessory connector located in the front of the battery, near the B+ connector. Can't find it anywhere.

any clue where I might look?
DeluxeMan 07, look along the wiring tray along the front of the battery , and there's a single pole connector in that tray. i have an 06 deuce and i installed a cigarette lighter type plug by installing a male end on one wire and the other wire i put a circular end on and bolted that to the ground screw with the other ground wires. of course i have it fused too, 10 amp. now i can plug in either cell phone charger, mp3 player, i have enven used a 12 volt air compressor to inflate my tires when they are low. The cigarette lighter plug fits under the seat and i have a long enough wire to extend it to the handle bars under the tank if needed.