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HD 2 up seat with built in backrest info?


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Hello all, I am new to this forum but am an old Harley guy. Current scooter is an 05 wideglide. Old scooters were shovels, nortons, and many dirt bikes. I just sold my sundowner due to needing a rider backrest. I have found only one individual with the HD 2 up seat with a built in backrest but he does not ride two up.
My question is how comfy are these for the passenger and how does this seat position you relative to stock? My GF liked the sundowner just fine so I need to maintain that for her if possible. On hard breaking, she slipped pretty bad on the sundowner too since it is just flat and smooth. The HD p/n is 53042-04 for the seat I am looking at. Any information on this seat would be appreciated. Thanks, Dawg.
Actually, I find the seat on my RK very comfy too. I was going to change it but see no reason to do it other than looks.