HB Bags vs. T-Bags

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    I am planing to buy bags for my HD.
    I compared two models:

    - Harley-Davidson Multi-Fit Luggage System @$229.95:
    The Tour Bag is 16" W x 10" D x 19" T, and the smaller Day Bag is 16" W x 10" D x 10" T.
    Luggage capacity: Touring Bag - 2600 cubic inches; Day Bag - 1300 cubic inches.
    Total: 3900 cubic inches

    - T-Bags Lone Star with Top Roll & Net @$288.95:
    Main bag : 16" wide (19" with pockets), 18 1/2" tall, 10" deep (including organizer). Roll bag: 16" wide x 9" diameter
    Capacity: Main bag: 2 764.8 cubic inches. Top Roll: 933.12 cubic inches.
    Total 3 697.92 cubic inch

    The two product are almost similar in size and capacity, and the HD bag is cheaper (surprisingly).

    Has any one any experience with both of the bags ? Would some one recommend any of them ?

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    i bought the sac bags that are made for harley davidson.they are a two bag set with both bags having the multi fit sissy bar pockets sewn into them.they slide over the sissy bar and two straps with quick disconnects keeps them from bouncing off.you can ride with either bag on the backrest either using the small bag for the day or the larger bag for longer trips or you can bungy the smaller on top of the larger and carry both at once.i use this setup for my 1998 flst springer and occassionally use the smaller bag for rain gear on the tour pack luggage rack on my electraglide.the main reason i bought them is i have about the same capacity of storage on either bike. neither one is waterproof but i allways carry plastic bags to store my clothes in anyway.the bags come with velcro closure side and rear pockets for maps etc,have d rings for strapping extra gear on them,are very durable nylon construction,quick to take off and on,and the multi fit pockets make them convertible to other size sissy bars if you change bikes. the bags can be placed either in front of the sisy bar or behind the bar.the setup i have is the bar with a three channel rack and the bags rest on the luggage rack when they are strapped down.there are lots of options but these have worked well for me.
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    Lots of options out there, I would stay away from anytype that has a net holding the top bag on. tried 1 didn't like it. You have to pull it tight enough that it flattens the top bag down and it is more difficult to get in to. Look for 1 that the top bag is held with quick disconnect straps, easy access opening, pouches on the sides for small items, most come with a hard plastic shell to hold the shape, the lower bag is lined with a built in plastic liner to keep the items dry, it has a large enough adjustable strap to fit your backrest, and deap side pockets for maps or ? you want to get to when at a stop, most come with a wet weather cover and a handle, some of the better ones have wheels on them. The 1 we have is a Tour Master, under $200.00 and is a very easy on / off set up after I used it a couple times.
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    I used T-Bags when I had my heritage, could not have been happier. I did not have problems with the top roll/net; however, I'm not saying it isn't possible. Wife always had the top roll full of cosmetis/hair stuff so it couldn't have flattened if it wanted to.

    Buy used, lots of folks use the luggage once or twice and then upgrade to an Ultra Classic, like I did. Had to sell for about 1/2 what I paid for it.