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HB 125 or Hayden Tensioner


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The question comes up very often for owners of the pre 07 touring and pre 06 Dyna Harleys, which one is better?

These units adjust the primary chain and the rear belt drive is adjusted with the rear wheel axle adjusters.

Consult your factory manual for proper adjustment procedures of the primary chain on your particular bike.

I like the features of the HB125 over the Hayden because of the dampening action of the oil chamber in the unit. It dampens the chain whip better than the Hayden does and doesn't require the shimming that the Hayden unit does.

One of the best prices I have found is at Fog

Most primary chains require very little adjustment after the initial wear in and adding an automatic tensioner really isn't necessary IMO. It takes only a few minutes to adjust the primary chain when doing the primary service.

You can see the advantage of the HB125 here in this link.
Southern Oregon Hot Bikes HB125

Here are the installation instructions for the HB125

Here's a pic of the HB125 installed.

This is the Hayden tensioner.

This is the Hayden Installed

Here's the old style stock tensioner for comparison.

And the new style self adjusting units in the 06 dynas and 07 and later bikes.
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