Hawaiians on a 2015 Summer Run

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    LOL! On Maui, we can't even do 100 miles in a day.... That being said, some of us are planning a SFO to Tahoe/Reno to Central Oregon, down the Oregon/California coasts and back to San Fran. We got rental (touring) bikes for 14 days. Some of us are on Social Security ... Seriously, we would like to spend time enjoying the views and not just putting hundreds of miles on daily. While most of us have circled the Big Island in a day (225 miles or so) not many of us have ridden the highways of California, Nevada and Oregon.

    We've come up with a preliminary route. Opinions are welcomed.

    Day 1 - Pick up bikes San Fran to Placerville, CA
    Day 2 - Placerville to Reno
    Day 3 - Reno to Susanville
    Day 4 - Susanville to Klamath Falls
    Day 5 - Klamath Falls to Bend
    Day 6 - Bend to Hood River
    Day 7 - Hood River to Salem
    Day 8 - Salem to Florence
    Day 9 - Florence to Gold Beach
    Day 10 - Gold Beach to Eureka
    Day 11 - Eureka to Ford Bragg
    Day 12 - Fort Bragg to Healdsburg
    Day 13 - Healdsburg through Alexander Valley, Napa, Sonoma to San Fran
    Day 14 - Return bikes San Fran -

    We're tourists... have mercy. :D
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    Good for you... Don't forget your camera...:s
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    I would kill to ride the 225 miles on your island. I'm sure the views are spectacular.