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Have you ridden to Sturgis?

I was just wondering how many people on here have actually went to Sturgis? I have ridden there three times. What a ride. 14 hours on this bike. It isn't the best, but once you get there it makes the ride all worth it. But then the ride home sucks. You know all the fun is over, and all you have to look forward to is getting home and going back to work. Yuck.

To anyone who hasn't gone. If you ever get the chance to go, take it.
I have been and it was the best ride of my life. I agree that when the fun is over it sucks and work is never fun. No time to ride when you got to work.
This year I rode from Cincinnati to Sturgis then on to the West Coast. I was gone four weeks and rode 6500 miles. Being retired is a great thing. I had a blast and would do it again in a flash.
Classic Girl,
I have also been there three times (02,05, & 07). Every time was enjoyable in it's own way and I'm sure that I will go many more times. The ride home doesn't need to be a drag, though, you can pick a destination to hit on the way home and leave a couple days early. Remember, it's not the destination, it's the journey!
Rode to Stugis in 2003 with my brother PA to Sturgis 1600miles 3 days out 2 there 3 days back. I would love to do it and spend a week out there to sightsee but not during bike week maybe the week before or after,

Been there several times. The black hills are great place to ride. Will be doing it again next year. Change your routes coming home to make it interesting.
I've been the past seven years in a row. I'll keep doing it till I croak. What a blast. If you ever get the chance, incorporate the loop around Wyoming. Cody, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Jackson. The state really prepares for Sturgis riders and the scenery is awesome.
From what I've been seeing lately Motor homes with trailers.....They had to pass a law last year that you couldn't leave a trailer on the street in city limits for more than 24 hours cause yuppies were coming in early and taking up the room for the people that rode. If ya want to miss the crowd Early sept. is awesome. The difference between Bike week and any other time of year is unbelievable, but both are great!!!! Awesome country in the black hills.:drunk:rider
I plan on heading up there at least once. I may give it a shot next year with my uncle, although we'd be trailering at least part of the way, or so he told me. :p