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    Since the slogan of HD Talking is "Reading After Riding" it seems appropriate to ask, "Read any good books lately?" If you haven't read this one then let me turn you on to it.

    The title is: Outlaw Machine-Harley Davidson and the Search for the American Soul by Brock Yates.

    Of all the books I've read on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles this is my favorite.

    Brock Yates set out around the world to better understand what it is that's so special about Harley-Davidsons. He found out and wrote it all down.
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    Looks promising - thanks for the recommendation - just ordered it from Amazon.
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    Sounds like a very interesting read. I will check it out. THANKS.

    I have a pretty tall stack of Books on Harley Davidson. For me hands down the best one of all is: 100 YEARS OF HARLEY-DAVIDSON BY WILLIE G. DAVIDSON. c. 2002 288 pages with tons of history and many great images.

    If you really want to learn a deeper history about anything Harley-Davidson you will enjoy this book. I very seldom re-read this type of book, but this one is an exception as I might read it again this winter.