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Have You Installed a Tach on Your Sportster?

Have you installed a tach on your Sportster?

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any info on this? I would like to have a mini tac some where, where I can just look down and see my RPM.. doesnt have to be on the handle bars at all.
Has anybody seen those guage mounts that mount on your rear rocker box behind the air cleaner. I like that look, but it seems like they are for big twins only. They make single oil pressure mounts and double mounts for an oil pressure guage and a speedo or tach. I like the look sort of, don't think I would put one on my nightster, maybe on the bar hopper that is in my mental garage. I have thought about the dual (roadster) mount for my nightster, but I like the simple one guage look, I've seen nighties with tach's, it's just not for me.

I look at it this way, if I'm banging off the rev limiter or the motor is lugging I know I need to shift. My ears are my Tachometer...........