Hate to do this....But;

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDDon, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. HDDon

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    Durag, this is one where you are going to have to trust a lot of the members here or the indy. The members here have nothing to gain by telling you how great they feel about the product. While the indy???
  2. Jack Klarich

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    All the mods you want to do can be done by you with the Forum self help section and member input, Why would you want to throw away your money? JMO:s
  3. Rydit

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    go ahead with the mod's the way you planned, you will be quite impressed come spring. the dobeck units are great, I have had them on 2 Harley's now. I have also run a s/e supertuner so i can compare. the dobeck does all you need and more on a street ridden bike. dobeck has unbelievable customer support and there is plenty of tips here if you question your settings.
  4. horizonchaser

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    I just had the Dobeck put in my '03 Ultra last Friday and I am liking it a lot. It cost me under $200.00 to purchase with the HD Talking discount and only $79.00 to install. ( plus he changed my oil, filter, primary fluid, & Amsoil sever gear). That was $79.00 total labor, for everything. I supplied the fluids & filter BTW. Still, that was pretty cheap if you ask. Why not consider going this route. I am very satisfied.
  5. Iceman24

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    Of course your Indy wants you to decide with him - money in "his" bank...:s

    Stick w/your plan - these newer HD's are run by a computer so you're not "tricking" anything...just fixing the initial programming.
  6. R_W_B

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    You drag the bike at the track at weekends ? If so I would agree go with SE or TTS or PowerVision and pay for a Dynotune, heads and a cam to go along with it.

    But if you just ride like me, TFI is your biggest bank for the buck. Set it and forget it. Cooler, smoother running engine in all rpms. Bit more pep too (in all rpms)