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Has Harley ever made a girly bike?

As a female I would love to have a more "girly" bike, something pink would be awsome but I have never seen anything. I wondered if I am missing something or if I just have a great idea for Harley to follow-up on.
I don't think Harley will ever do that, but go ahead and pitch them your idea. And not they've never made a pink bike. But you can buy a white sportster ;)
I'm not so sure how pink would look on a motorcycle. They have purple and that is kind of a girly color. I do think it's worth mentioning though as there are plenty of girls out there that would probably love a pink bike.
Cosidering the image Harley bikes have which is heavily loaded in favour of male I don't think they have any female brand. But it will not be a bad idea if they do create a new range of bikes for female.
Perhaps a custom paint job after purchase or something would work. A pink HArley?? I think that would be intersting to see. I have seen some withn patriotic, military and even nature type paint jobs, so why not?
Times are changing and maybe you will get your wish soon? Don't think it will be too soon, but you never know these days. Everything is changing so fast. But I agree a good paintjob and some special stickers would do the trick.
Getcha a Sporty or V-rod and paint it whatever color you'd's a free country and freedom of expression is the beauty of it!!!!