Has anyone tried the se-257 cam set in an ultra?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by 03ultra, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. 03ultra

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    I have purchased a set of SE-257 cams recently at a swap meet (they are new in box) and am in the process of getting the other parts to put them in.
    I am wondering if i should go ahead and put them in my 88" or save and go for the 95" with the stage 2 heads and 10.25:1 comp. Right now i have a stock 88" with rineheart true duals and a stage 1 intake from harley as well as a dyno tune from Stevenson's cycle here in Mi. , it produces 86 hp and
    88tq. I'm looking to get 100 to 105hp and same tq.
    Have i chose wisely????
  2. rancid

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    257s are a mid top end cam not really great for a tourer. they wont get near 100hp on an 88 still not really on a 95 either more like 90hp, there are 2 types of 257 i hope they were early style cams

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I agree the cams are a little to High on the rpm range for MY type of big bike 09 FLHR...I DO like the 95" 10.25/1 and I used scream'n eagle Teflon pistons on my 88 to 95" conversion, 2000 FXDS with flowed head/valve work... I would also like to have used the NEWER Kit IF available when I did my conversion back in 2001 with the Hydraulic change out and the high volume oil pump n cam plate... But I went with what was available back then,, $$$$$ feuling oil pump-lifters/delkron plate, gear drive SS570 gear cams/flowed/manley valve stuff...42 mikuni, 6 speed gears.:)

    Just the stage two you mention would do wonders for your ride! but I would go for 21 cams(read CalgaryBikeBum) or similar ? biggest ? 255 is heard being good from chopper..
    All this modification and it still Makes a GOOD dependable bike.