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    Harley Announces Early Release of 2010 MC
    MILWAUKEE (April 1, 2009) - In a rare and not anticipated move, Harley-Davidson launches the 2010 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Ultra Classic Electra Glide earlier than in previous years. The 2010 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide is Harley's answer to a distressed economy:

    Based on the already improved 2009 models, the new CVO Ultra has been enhanced all around to teach the competition a lesson. A new 200 mm rear tire, a new 2-into-2 true dual exhaust system and other enhancements like the liquid cooled Porsche-developed cylinder heads set a foundation for the next generation of Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles. The CVO Ultra is powered by the new and CVO-exclusive Screamin’ Eagle Biofuel compatible LC Twin Cam 132-cid engine, the largest displacement production engine offered by Harley-Davidson, producing 150 ft. lbs. of torque at 3250 rpm, as well as the smooth shifting 6+1-speed Cruise Drive transmission with reverse.

    As part of a most discerning and well-traveled group of motorcyclists, CVO Ultra riders will enjoy extra amenities for 2010 such as a Nespresso-licensed in-Tour-Pak coffeemaker, which churns out George Clooney approved Espresso's and other coffee drinks. The Nespresso machine has its own one-gallon mineral water tank.

    The 2010 CVO Ultra rides on new custom chrome wheels with the owners name engraved by a dealer-installed water jet cutting machine with a 200 mm, 17-inch rear tire and 140 mm, 19-inch front tire. For that extra comfort, there is the new, six-way electric controlled and dual-heated seat inclusive of an adjustable massage mode and with separate outputs for heated gear for rider and passenger. In addition the CVO Ultra has heated grips as well as rider and passenger heated floorboards. A true Eskimo package.

    The Harley-Davidson CVO program creates limited-production, exclusive motorcycles produced by teams of technicians in a special assembly area at the Harley-Davidson plants in York, Pa., and Kansas City. Approximately 2,200 examples of the 2010 CVO Ultra will be assembled at the York Vehicle Operations facility and all of the will be vivid black. The suggested U.S. retail price for the 2010 CVO Ultra is $33,333 with approved financing available from 3.33%.

    Based on the Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide, the CVO Ultra offers premium amenities from that model such as a 200-watt CD/AM/FM/WB/MP3/TV/DVD Advanced Audio Video System by Harman-Kardon, CB and intercom, and passenger audio with complete rider and passenger Bluetooth headsets including navigation and mobile phone functionality, cruise control, plus standard XM Radio and integrated touch navigation system from Garmin. The system is delivered with an iPod dock by Denon and provides full iPod functionality through its large 8 inch full color high resolution touch screen which controls all AAS functionality. A total of ten high quality speakers provide ample sound for the road:

    The CVO Ultra rides on the all new Touring-exclusive Legend air ride rear suspension system developed in partnership with Independent Cycle, Inc. Improving on the ride quality previously available from Harley, the new System allows to lower the bike to the ground and any level between ground and riding, as well as higher heavy terrain riding level, by the flick of a switch. Savings come from the eliminated side stand.

    The CVO Ultra will be offered in any color the customer desires, as long as it is Vivid Black. The vented lower fairings and inner fairing and switch panel are color-matched to the selected paint scheme. A fitted indoor storage cover with CVO logo and a unique Harley-Davidson CVO key in a presentation box are also included.

    For additional information on Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Genuine Motor Accessories see your local Harley-Davidson dealer or visit the Harley-Davidson Web site at Harley-Davidson USA. To find a dealer near you, call toll free 1-800-443-2153 in the U.S.A. or Canada. Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson's Web site at Harley-Davidson USA.
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    GEEZER....... your really something! I couldn't type that much even if it were factual. LOL! I guess I should have waited before I bought my 09!:cheers
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    Will have to wait on the 2010s now, for sure. Great review though.
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    Yes this was a april fool joke that i just came upon. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker, for about half of the article. I just had to pass it on to any other poor trusting soul like myself. :D
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    If they build it, we will buy it :lolrolling

    Keep em coming !
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    "CVO Ultra riders will enjoy extra amenities for 2010 such as a Nespresso-licensed in-Tour-Pak coffeemaker, which churns out George Clooney approved Espresso's and other coffee drinks. The Nespresso machine has its own one-gallon mineral water tank"
    that was the best part of the "article"
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    Ya had me till the coffee maker.:lolrolling