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Harrison Ford still fit for Indiana Jones


At 64! All I can say is koodos buddy! I am ready for #4 to hurry out, how about you guys? Just can't imagine a 64 yr old dong all that stunts, he must be in really good condition is all I know.
This is another great one that is going to be coming out soon. I think Harrison is definitely ready for this role and I'm hoping they begin with the continuing hunt for the challis.
This is going to be the most kick as* Indiana Jones in the series. I am so ready for this movie to be out so I can add it to my collection.
This is one of the best series of movies ever and i am so glad that harrison ord will be continuing in the role. He is awesome as this character and I cannot imagine anyone else doing it. I am so happy to hear that at 64 he can still do a film like this, it gives us all hope as we get older!!